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Portraits of your loved ones, beloved pet or steed are welcome. The artist works quickly whether from a picture or from life. A wide price range depends on size, degree of detail, number of subjects, with consideration of your budget . Prices normally range from $750 to $10,000. and up depending on size and complexity.The artist is  also available for  on-location work.


Showing samples from the Equestrian, Kabuki, Sumo & portrait Collections. Contact the studio with questions, orders, and requests for more sample images. 


 The Artist’s acclaimed equestrian drawings are striking works that must be experienced up close and personal to fully realize their gravitas and energy impact.  

 CNN reported on the artist: “Few artists so completely dominate their field that their name becomes synonymous with the subject matter, but Lynn Matsuoka has succeeded in capturing the essence of (Japanese) Sumo and has won a loyal following along the way”.



Top quality designer Ts with reflective metallic writing and the above image  which appeared on the Dans Papers Hampton Classic Edition 2009. 5 different styles. Email the studio for the catalogue!

The Artist's Bio

 Lynn Matsuoka is the author of the up-coming Memoir about her 37 years “Behind the Curtain” documenting the Traditional Japanese Worlds of Kabuki Theater and Sumo in drawings and paintings. 

She is available to give exciting and inspiring talks about her experiences in these closed Traditional Japanese worlds.

 The Artist’s acclaimed Equestrian drawings are striking works that must be experienced up close and personal to fully realize their gravitas and energy impact.  

Her signature quick, on- location drawings of Hunter Jumper and Polo  are from the Hampton Classic and Equestrian shows in Wellington, Florida.  This year, in a compelling twist that pays homage to her Curator’s vision, small areas of Lynn’s drawings are finessed and richly finished to develop a stunning counterpoint to her renowned “quick lines and empty spaces.” These jarring juxtapositions evoke the contrast of sparse strokes with tight, painterly body parts and faces, all within the same, enticing field.
Blessed with a gift of documentary story-telling fused with a rare visual craft, Matsuoka's art conjures up the poetic imagery of birds in flight and horses gliding over the earth. Her brush glides over the canvas or paper, creating a startling whirr of images and motion. Her sure hand designs poetic movements that stir emotion in the viewer, and her compelling work has thus earned over 40 international solo shows.    

 Matsuoka’s works are defined by powerful, lyrical lines. They often feature hand-made rice paper, lending a rich substrate of unique depth and tactile quality wherever her brush lands. It adds further credence to her reportage skill and energy, where she quickly converts people, animals and events into inspirationally renewing art. When she finishes a painting or drawing, it not only "looks" but "feels" like the person or animal depicted. It's all part of her open energy approach, a rare artistic gift that creates instant emotional connections.

The artist brings an international cachet to her US endeavors and it's hard to know where to start to describe the soul stirring artistic life she has led. From the inner sanctums of Sumo wrestlers, to 24 years working backstage with Japan's top Kabuki actors documenting their costume and make-up changes, she now takes viewers into the stables and paddocks of the horse world.
Her peek at life behind the scenes and the insights into ancient Japanese life opened magical doors to a previously hidden world of mystery. And now she turns her all-knowing eye to the culture and intrigues of American equestrian endeavors. She learned these very fast "reportage drawing" techniques through her time studying with the great Jack Potter at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She begins her compositions capturing delicate nuances of the world she surveys. Using graphite pencils and oil pastels on canvas or rag paper, she first creates a likeness, then sketches in quick, exacting detail the costumes, colors and energy forces inherent in her subjects.   This spontaneous act preserves the moment, feeling and spirit of her portraits. Her paintings evoke karmic forces, using bold lines and subtle colors that depict the effects of light on her subjects. This same sensibility also shows up in her commissioned portraits.

The US born Matsuoka gained superstar status during her tenure in Tokyo. One of the few "outsiders"  allowed to regularly observe the secretive sanctums of the world of Japanese SUMO, she put her talents to quick use in a long series of in-depth depictions of this art form onto itself. She is the singular champion of this unique, free method of expression, as she pushes the boundaries of how defining moments in sport are captured.  The artist has also documented the Yankees under the direction of George Steinbrenner who used to call her " My Artist". 

Born in New York City, Lynn studied art & music at Temple University in Philadelphia and later studied at SVA with Jack Potter & Milton Glaser.